Worldwide West Consulting was created by Ryan Thaut, a Wyoming native who was never particularly talented at farming or ranching... but he does have the drive and work ethic that are synonymous with those ways of life.

Our engagements will never be overly complicated; we fully embrace the honest, straightforward (maybe even old-fashioned) way of doing business that makes working and living in the American West so pleasant.

We specialize in complex, technical implementations of the Oracle Service Cloud (f.k.a. RightNow CX), but we also have nearly 15 years' worth of experience building simple, modern solutions for the World Wide Web.

Our Services

Enterprise Cloud Customizations

With over 8 years experience upgrading and customizing the Oracle Service Cloud product, Worldwide West Consulting has an unmatched expertise for delivering solutions that let you optimize your Customer Experience.

We build customizations and integrations on top of the core products and services created by Companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon so that you can effectively connect all of your business needs together to deliver the best possible experience to your customers and your employees.

  • Customer Portal (versions 1, 2, and 3)
    • Advanced skinning/theming
    • Dynamic forms with admin interface
    • PTA & SAML SSO integrations
    • Mobile & responsive designs
  • C# .NET Add-Ins for Agent Desktop
  • Social/Community Cloud
  • Complex integrations with external systems
    • End-user and/or agent-facing
    • Active (real-time) & passive (queued)
    • Single and multi-directional
  • Forward & Track
  • Functional and technical coaching

Small Business Web Presence

Worldwide West Consulting has been helping small businesses reach their customers through simple (yet effective) websites for nearly 15 years.

Today more than ever, business big and small need effective websites and social media platforms to bring their products and services to the public. We offer solutions that are simple to maintain for you that are also powerful resources for your target audiences.

  • WordPress Setup & Theming
    • Photo Galleries
    • Contact Information
    • Product & Service Overviews
    • Customer Testimonials
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Analytics Implementation

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